The AX9 segment impresses with its precise, three-dimensional symmetry of the diamond arrangement in the substrate. This causes a continuous wear of the segment and optimises the tool life and cutting speed.

Suitable for brazing
Extremely high-cutting speed
Set diamond (pattern technology)
High-quality diamonds and best substrate material
Even diamond distribution in the segment

/ WET 

The AX7 drilling segment with a segment height of 10 mm is also ideal for wet drilling in natural stone (granite), concrete with very hard aggregates and/or with very strong reinforcement.

Diameter mmLxWxH mm SegmentsPart no.
48-5224 x 3,5 x 103AX7-050
56-6624 x 3,5 x 103AX7-066
72-8724 x 3,5 x 103AX7-080
87-11224 x 3,5 x 103AX7-087
107-14224 x 4,0 x 103AX7-112
142-18224 x 4,0 x 103AX7-152
182-27024 x 4,0 x 103AX7-200
270+24 x 5,0 x 103AX7-300
500+24 x 5,0 x 103AX7-500

/ DRY 

The AX9 drilling segment with a segment height of 10 mm is ideal for dry drilling in masonry, brick and reinforced concrete. Less segments are required for dry drilling than for conventional wet drilling.

Diameter mmLxWxH mm SegmentsPart no.
32-3716 x 3,5 x 103AX9-035
38-4716 x 3,5 x 103AX9-040
48-5224 x 3,5 x 103AX9-050
56-6624 x 3,5 x 103AX9-066
72-8724 x 3,5 x 103AX9-080
87-11224 x 3,5 x 103AX9-087
107-14224 x 4,0 x 103AX9-112
142-18224 x 4,0 x 103AX9-152
182-27024 x 4,0 x 103AX9-200
270+24 x 5,0 x 103AX9-300

Special dimensions are available on request



set diamonds