Cutting saw TS40 ANNA

Part no. 6WTS40

Ergonomic grip design
Adjustable holding handle
Adjustable blade guard
Closed, water-cooled high-frequency motor
Water-jet protected IP 55
Operation possible with 230 V or 400 V
Only in combination with frequency converter FU6C, FU6D or FU6U

For suitable tools, refer to category Saw blades & Accessories

Nominal voltage230 V400 V
Rated power3.700 W6.500 W
Output power2.700 W4.800 W
Nominal current16 A13,5 A
Cutting depth165 mm165 mm
Saw blade Ø max.400 mm400 mm
Mounting hole25,4 mm (1") + NL*
Speed2,500 rpm2,500 rpm
Weight9,4 kg9,4 kg
Saw blade flange for flush cut TK60 - 6 x M6

*NL = pin hole