/ Brazed
/ For cutting general construction site material, old concrete, asphalt, screed, fresh concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and brick

Blade diameter mmToothingHole diameter + NL* mmNumber of segmentsSegment width mmSegment hight mmPart no.
500C1S25,40 + NL30 (5**)3,6103AS80C1S0500-36
500C1S25,40 + NL30 (5**)4,1103AS80C1S0500-41
600C1S25,40 + NL36 (6**)4,1103AS80C1S0600-41
600C1S25,40 + NL36 (6**)4,4103AS80C1S0600-44
600C1S25,40 + NL36 (6**)4,7103AS80C1S0600-47
700C1S25,40 + NL40 (7**)4,7103AS80C1S0700-47
800C1S25,40 + NL46 (8**)4,7103AS80C1S0800-47
900C1S25,40 + NL50 (9**)4,7103AS80C1S0900-47
1000C1S25,40 + NL56 (10**)4,7103AS80C1S1000-47

/ Intermediate and special sizes available on request, asphalt blades are delivered standard with oblique protection segments. Undercut protection segments are available on request


/ *NL = pin hole
The segment foot height can vary between 1 – 2 mm


Floor cutter (7.5 kW – 11 kW)

Floor cutter XL (11 kW – 25 kW)