The flexible cutting solution for nearly every thickness and position of the cut.

Diamond saw wire with application area forPart no.
strongly reinforced concrete, high-cutting, Ø 10.5 mm (1)3DS40HBLACK
6BWC9 160 6DSZQV01 169
Diamond sawing pearls
sintered (1)
Diamond sawing pearls electroplated
coating (2)
Iron, very strongly reinforced concrete, electroplated coating, Ø 10.5 mm (2)
Masonry Ø 11.5 mm3DS40FBLACK
Substrate wire diameter4.85 mm
Pearls per running metre40
Recommended accessoriesPart no.
Wire connector6BWC9
Battery-powered 11 t hydraulic crimping tool6DSZQZ03AKKU
Wire crimp 8 mm6DSZQV01
Wire crimp 9 mm with female thread6DSZQV03