M12 / M12 with collar / M16

Perfectly suitable for fastening drill rigs, base plates, wall saws, etc.
Corrosion resistance on the outside
Suitable for interior and exterior use (not continuously)
Anchor only for concrete walls
Incl. drive-in tool and container (EURODIMA bucket)
Deeper insertion of anchor without collar possible e.g. for broken out drill hole
Drop-in anchor with collar prevents sliding deeper
Extraction values tested for normal concrete C20/25, uncracked

M12M12 with collarM16
Nominal drill diameter d016.00 mm16.00 mm20.00 mm
Min. Drilling hole depth h154.00 mm55.00 mm70.00 mm
Anchor length I50.00 mm51.00 mm65.00 mm
Female thread MM12M12M16
Min. Screw-in depth I e/min12.00 mm12.00 mm16.00 mm
Max. Screw-in depth I e/min20.00 mm20.00 mm28.00 mm
Max. admissible tensile force8.5 kN8.5 kN12.6 kN
MaterialElectro-galvanised steelElectro-galvanised steelElectro-galvanised steel
Weight packaging unit14.5 kg15.0 kg10.5 kg
Packaging unit250 pcs.250 pcs.100 pcs.

Installation instructions

Drill hole in concrete wall with the correct drill diameter
Clean or blow out the hole to remove remaining drill material
Insert drop-in anchor to the desired depth
Fasten with the drive-in tool
Fasten the desired product with a corresponding screw (observe the min./max screw-in depth)