Part no. 6DR400ASW

The professional drill rig for accurate drilling up to a diameter of 400 mm. Ideal for larger drilling jobs in the entire construction area.

Motor quick exchange systemٜ
Standard lowering unit with 1:1 or 1:3 fine feed driveٜ
Lowering unit can be operated from both sides and is for universal useٜ
Continuous angle adjustment up to 60°
Undercarriage can be easily dismantled for use in confined spacesٜ
Toothed rack exchangeableٜ
/  Optimised concerning weight and stability

Feed carriage with lock – guide rollers can be easily adjusted

Length470 mm
Width245 mm
Height1,000 mm
Travel640 mm
Drilling Ø max.400 mm
Weight21.5 kg



Accessories • Spare parts

Feed housing DR400ASW
Part no. 6DR500ZB01

Dowel base plate DR400ASW
Part no. 6DR270WZB03-01

Guide column DR400ASW
travel/length: 595/980 mm, incl. transport grip
Part no. 6DR270ZB02

travel/length 1,000/1,420 mm
Part no. 6DR270ZB06

travel/length 1,500/1,920 mm
Part no. 6DR270ZB07

Feed lever for DR
Part no. 6DR400ZB20

Inclined support DR400ASW
Part no. 6DR400ASWZB07-01

Undercarriage DR400ASW
Part no. 6DR400ASWZB05

Quick exchange plate
at the motor
Part no. 6DR500ZB09

FLEIKA adapter plate
motor and rig side
Part no. 4KF600.1.19BGK

Drill motor plate H version complete
Part no. 4KF250.1.18HK

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DR400ASW components & equipment

Angle adjustment

Continuous angle adjustment up to 60°
Positive and negative inclination possible

Feed carriage

Lowering unit can be operated from both sides
Guide rollers easy to adjust
Reinforced eccentric rollers