Part no. 6DWS131

Extra lightweight drill rig with collar holder for accurate drilling in heating, sanitary and electrical areas.

Max. drilling diameter 152 mmٜ
 Drill base to be used with dowels and vacuum, vacuum valve is integrated in the base plateٜ
1 tool for every setting at the drill rig, fixed in the transport gripٜ
Universal drill motor holder Ø 60 mm + reduction ring to Ø 56 mmٜ
Quick alignment with centre indicator for holeٜ
Feed lever exchangeable in one step with quick releaseٜ
Measuring scale for the drilling depth and depth stop for perfect blind hole drillingsٜ
Accurate alignment with horizontal and vertical levels

Length430 mm
Width250 mm
Height800 mm
Travel480 mm
Drilling Ø max.152 mm
Weight10 kg
Drilling angle adjustment15°, 30° and 45°



Accessories • Spare parts

Combined base plate
for dowel or vacuum fasten- ing with adjustment screw
Part no. 6DWS85105

Centre indicator for hole
for RC150
Part no. 6DWS82933

Feed lever
for RC150
Part no. 6DR400ZB20

Vacuum set
Part no. 6DWS131ZB04

Vacuum pump
Part no. 1-BZB01VP

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RC150 components & equipment

Feed carrier with collar

Horizontal and vertical levels
Plastic guides on both sides, easy to adjust

Dowel base

Drilling angle adjustment to 0°, 15°, 30° and 45°
Level screwsٜ
Vacuum fastening possible