Retipping wall saw blades is possible for all diameters. Especially for large diameters, starting from 1,400 mm, it is economically reasonable. After retipping, the saw blade is straightened to achieve the required positive or negative tension in the master core.

It is possible to repair wall saw blades with lost segments. For this purpose, new segments are brazed to the blade, the saw blade is tensioned appropriately, and it is straightened.

For the retipping process, there are different segment types available, the process used depends on the corresponding application area.

Wall saw blades with a master core below 2.8 mm thickness are no longer usable.

Retipping process:

After receiving the wall saw blade, its quality is assessed
If the required criteria are not met, the further procedure is discussed with the customer
Cleaning the wall saw blade
Removing old segments, grinding the blade circular and cleaning the fillets
Saw blade is retipped – brazed
Straightening and tensioning the blade
Sharpening all segments
Application of corrosion protection onto all segments and bonds