Part no. 4KF600

The professional drill rig KF600 for holes with a diameter up to 600 mm.

Drill motor plate can be exchanged quickly and easily
Hand crank with quick release fastener
Column out of stainless steel
Motor can be removed even in confined spaces
Reduction gear in the feed housing
Base console pivoting to the front and back 60°
As a standard, the spacer (4KF600.2.0BDK) is included in the scope of delivery

Motor power max.5.3 kW
Torque max.400 Nm
Length410 mm
Width300 mm
Height1,540 mm
Travel1,090 mm
Drilling Ømax. 600 mm
Weight37.0 kg
Base platedowel base
Fastening armature bar (recommended)M16
Transmission ratio1:20



Accessories • Spare parts

Housing, cpl., with paint
Part no. 4KF150.1.0FKFK

Support 1400 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF400.19.00K

Support 2000 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF400.20.00K

Support 1400 mm for retrofitting
Part no. 4KF400.22.00K

Support 2000 mm for retrofitting
Part no. 4KF400.23.00K

Lever, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.3.0

Crank, cpl.
Part no. 4KF250.0.0K

Guide column 1400, cpl. with hinged clamp
Part no. 4KF600.6.014G.K

Guide column 2000, cpl. with hinged clamp
Part no. 4KF600.6.020G.K

Wheel axle, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.1.06K

Base console steel, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.4.0ST.K

Drill mud collection ring & collar D132, cpl.
Part no. 4KF250.8.0K

Drill mud collection ring & collar D202, cpl.
Part no.

Drill mud collection ring & screw D132, cpl.
Part no. 4KF250.8.01K

Drill mud collection ring & screw D202, cpl.
Part no. 4KF250.9.01K

Membrane D132
Part no. 4KF150.8.7

Membrane D202
Part no. 4KF250.8.7

Drill motor plate, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.1.18K

Spacer 110 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF400.2.0BDK

Spacer 190 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.2.0BDK

Quick exchange spacer 50 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.1.19BGK

Quick exchange spacer 170 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF600.2.01BDGK

Collar adapter, cpl.
Part no. 4KF150.11.0K

Drill motor plate for H version motors, cpl.
Part no. 4KF400.1.18HK

Centre indicator for drilling, motor dist. 115–150 mm, cpl.
Part no. 4KF250.10.2K

End stop, cpl.
Part no. 4KF250.6.30K

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