Floor cutter FS800E

Part no. 5KEFS800E

Professional electrical floor cutter for universal application areas.

Quick lift with foot pedal
Roller splash protection
Blade holder right & left
Central water distribution on operator side
Motor can be removed from frame
Can be disassembled easily into two main components within a few minutes
Drive with wide flat belt (reducing current peaks causing overload malfunctions)
Continuous depth setting
Left and right run with e-switch

Power11 kW
Current consumption32 A
Nominal voltage400 V / 50 Hz
Speed1,300 rpm
Diamond cutting discs Ømax. 800 mm
Shaft holder25.40 mm
Blade holderright/left
Max. Cutting depth320 mm
Depth settinghand crank (continuous)
Dimensions L x W x H1.270 mm x 640 mm x 980 mm
Weight158 kg without blade guard
Accessories • Spare parts

V-ribbed belt FS800E
Part no. 5KEFS44687

Blade guard ∅ 800 mm
Part no. 5KEFS800EZB01

FS800E components & equipment

Eurodima FS800E-KomponentenAusstattung-1

Lightweight and rugged design
About 40% fewer vibrations than a combustion engine

Eurodima FS800E-KomponentenAusstattung-2

Quick lift with foot pedal
Blade guard can be opened quickly and easily
Telescope display can be removed easily

Eurodima FS800E-KomponentenAusstattung-3

Continuous depth setting
Incl. parking brake
Bayonet connector for water supply

Eurodima FS800E-KomponentenAusstattung-4

Motor can be removed from frame
Blade guard can be installed on the left and right