Frequency converter FU6D

Part no. 6WFU6D

As a universal drive unit, the frequency converter FU6D can control and drive all devices from the ANNA series.

An LC display, protected by a scratch-free acrylic glass, gives the user access to information. With the keypad, settings for the frequency converter can be changed.

The integrated Bluetooth interface enables intuitive and safe updating of the software. Via the WEKA Service App (available in the Google Play Store), the user always has access to the latest software version. Thus, the user can carry out software updates on site without any additional programming tools. The time-consuming and expensive shipping to WEKA or a service partner is no longer required.

A software update for an existing frequency converter can be required when new machine types are launched or when software with improved settings has been released.

It is also possible to transfer customer-specific software via a Bluetooth update to the frequency converter.

Frequency converter FU6C

Part no. 6WFU6C

The frequency converter FU6C is a more economic alternative.

Universal drive unit for all devices of the ANNA series
No display, no keypad
Integrated Bluetooth interface; Software updates possible with the WEKA Service App
Error display via LED (identical with FU6U)

Frequency converter FU6U

Part no. 6WFU6U

The frequency converter FU6U will only be available for a limited amount of time. Since it is not possible to update this type without sending it to WEKA or a Service Partner, we will not continue the sale of this type.

A frequency converter FU6U can be retrofitted to the version FU6C or FU6D.