Part no. 6WB45E

For construction sites without water supply. Flexible work on the construction site, no water hose required! Pump will switch off automati- cally when the water valve is closed, giving it an extremely high battery capacity.

Rugged undercarriage
30 m hose with quick connector ٜ Incl. spray lance and charger
Solid tyres

Nominal voltage230 V
Tank45 L
Weight20.9 kg (incl. battery)
Pump capacity~ 5 litres/minute
Delivery height~ 12 m
Battery12 V
Dimensions W x D x H40 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm
Alternative product

Pressurised water container,
Part no. 1-BZB02WB

Accessories • Spare Parts

Part no. 6WB45EZB02-01

Nozzle set
Part no. 6WB45EZB18

Battery, 12V
Part no. 6WB45EZB01

Main switch
Part no. 6WB45EZB13

Part no. 6WB45EZB25-1

Water connection coupling
Part no. 6WB45EZB30

Part no. 6WB45EZB31

Control electronics
Part no. 6WB45EZB42

WB45E components & equipment

Control unit

The pump switches off automatically when the ٜ 30 m hose incl. quick connector water valve is closed
High battery capacity

Hose pack

/ 30 m hose incl. quick connector