With the ServoPower Upgrade, you can retrofit a hydraulically powered wall or wire saw to an electric drive. It combines more power and more torque with less weight than equivalent hydraulic systems.

Suitable for EURODIMA wall saw WM50 / WM90 and EURODIMA wire saw WB12
The upgrade pack includes a ServoEngine, PowerCube, ServoCable
/ 20 kW engine power
continuously controllable speed from 90–1,400 rpm.

PowerCube with smart software, simple menu navigation with touch display, continuously adjustable speed, air-cooled

/ ServoEngine in compact design with rugged connector housing and feedback system for optimum performance yield

ServoCable 10 m, for loss-free and powerful connection

ServoRemote Radio remote control for simultaneous control of feed and lowering, with interference protection and approx. 15 m range, incl. double charger, 2 batteries, abdominal belt and vehicle charging adapter

EURODIMA ACC Feed automatic

/ SPECIFICATIONSServoEnginePowerCubeServoCable
Length360 mm340 mm10 m
Width185 mm240 mm
Height310 mm550 mm
Weight21,3 kg16,5 kg7,8 kg
Power20 kW20 kW
Nominal voltage400 V400 V
Current consumption32 A32 A
Type of protectionIP66IP44IP66

Kit consists of

/ ServoEngine Part no. 6SE20
PowerCube Part no. 6SEPC20
ServoCable Part no. 6SC20


/250 h Service kit Part no6SESK1
Cable remote control Part no6SEZB01
Radio remote control Part no6SEZB04
USB converter for remote maintenance Part no6B079043
Upgrade kit WM50 / WM90 Part no6SEPC-ACC

ServoPower Upgrade – Components in Detail

Eurodima ServoPower-Upgrade-Komponenten-1

Drive motor ServoEngine

High torque with low weight
Interlockable with bayonet


Control unit PowerCube

Simple and user-friendly menu navigation with touch screen
Speed control with potentiometer


Control unit PowerCube

Air-cooled control box
Rugged and high-quality electronic components

Remote control

Rugged remote controls
Simultaneous control of feed and lowering possible