EURODIMA / AMERHAUSER GMBH Construction site WM50 with 20kW motor

EURODIMA Wall saw WM50 / WM90 Construction and functional test

Developed for the harshest and most demanding applications with a cutting depth of up to 900 mm, the wall saw WM90 is suitable for carrying out large cutting jobs.

The pioneering drive concept enables a combination of extreme reliability and optimum performance with low maintenance required and reduced service costs. The easy to operate, precise remote control increases the operating comfort and safety at the workplace.

Innovative wall saw solution with new servo system
More torque and less weight
Rugged and compact design
Due to the low number of components and because they are well accessible, it is very easy to maintain
3x quicker than traditional hydraulic systems
Flexible possibilities for use
Easy handling
Service interval of the drive unit required after 250 operating hours
Optionally available with radio remote control
Complete system solution with drive and sawing unit

WM50 for cuts up to a depth of 500 mm
WM90 for cuts up to a depth of 900 mm
recommended with drive 6SEZB05)

Output power at the saw blade20 kW20 kW
Max. speed at the saw blade1,140 rpm1,140 rpm
Max. Saw blade diameter1,200 mm2,000 mm
Max. cutting depth500 mm900 mm
Velocity - feed lowering0 - 1 m/min0 - 1 m/min
Velocity - longitudinal feed0 - 4 m/min0 - 4 m/min
Weight wall saw motor21 kg21 kg
Weight saw head without motor27 kg36 kg
Saw blade bore50 mm - other on request50 mm - other on request
Saw blade flange for flush cutTK 110 - 6xM8TK 110 - 6xM8
Machine depth380 mm380 mm
Machine width450 mm470 mm
Machine height (without blade guard)650 mm760 mm
Eurodima WM50-Kompontenen-im-Detail-1

WM50 Saw head

Easy technology and very rugged design
Feed and insertion motor with 24 V technology
Well protected plug for feed cable

Eurodima WM50-Kompontenen-im-Detail-2

WM50 head with motor

Quick motor installation with bayonet connector
One water circuit for motor cooling and saw blade

Eurodima WM50-Kompontenen-im-Detail-3

Roller guide

Rail interlock with two hand levers
Very rugged base plate
Lubrication of friction bearings via grease nipples

Eurodima WM50-Kompontenen-im-Detail-4

Flange and main bearing

Main bearing easily accessible from the blade flange
Stable blade guard holder

Eurodima WM90-Kompontenen-im-Detail-1

WM90 Saw head

Technology and design like WM50
With reinforced base plate for high loads

Eurodima WM90-Kompontenen-im-Detail-2

WM90 Saw head

Main bearing easily accessible from the blade flange
Stable blade guard holder

Eurodima WM90-Kompontenen-im-Detail-3

WM90 Saw head with motor

Usable for wall saw blades with Ø 2000 mm

Eurodima WM90-Kompontenen-im-Detail-4

WM90 Saw head with PowerGear drive

Specifically suitable for wall saw blades bigger than Ø 1,200 mm
/ 60% more torque

Guide rail WM50 / WM90

Very lightweight and rugged design
Optimum use on even surfaces
If required, adapt uneven surfaces with spacers or the rail fastening bracket
Quick and easy fastening in masonry in front of insulating plates

Length0,30 m0,65 m1,30 m2,30 m
Weight2,5 kg5,5 kg11,0 kg19,0 kg
Spare parts for Guide rail typeToothed rackGuide bar 1Guide bar 2

Fish plate
Part no. 1-WA-ZB011

Guide rail stop
Part no. 1-WA-ZB01

Rail fastening bracket
Part no. 1-WA-ZB10

Angle bracket
Part no. 1-WA-ZB02

Fish plate
Part no. 1-WA-ZB012

Refer other products for concrete screws, washers, drop-in anchors & more accessories

PowerGear for WM90

Part no. 6SEZB05

Recommended for difficult applications with blade diameters exceeding 1,200 mm, when using the PowerGear, increase of the torque by 60%

Reduction ratio 1.6:1
Specifically suitable for wall saw blades bigger than 1,200 mm
Max. 712 rpm at the blade drive shaft
High-quality, milled aluminium housing
Extremely rugged
Very low in maintenance
Depth of the entire drive unit is increased by 12.5 cm
Increase of the torque by 60%
Attention: only in use with WM90

Eurodima Zubehoer-WM50-WM90-10
Weight10.0 kg
Dimensions W x D x H22 cm x 20 cm x 19 cm
Reduction ratio1,6 : 1
Diameter saw blade mmDisplayBlade speed = 43 m/s
1,2001,140 rpm684 rpm
1,400977 rpm587 rpm
1,500912 rpm548 rpm
1,600856 rpm514 rpm
1,800761 rpm457 rpm
2,000683 rpm410 rpm
Eurodima PowerGear-fuer-WM90-2
Eurodima PowerGear-fuer-WM90-3

Wall saw machine WM50 or WM90

Rugged and compact design
Easy handling

Part no.
Typ WM50 – 1-WM50EVA-EB
Typ WM90 – 1-WM90EVA-EB

Drive motor ServoEngine

Powerful 20 kW motor
High torque with low weight
Long life service interval after 250 operating hours

Part no.

Control unit PowerCube

Air-cooled control box
Simple and user-friendly menu navigation with touch screen

Part no.

Motor cable ServoCable

Cable length 10 m
Very solid design
Weight only 7.8 kg
Incl. strain relief and protection cap

Part no.

Cable remote control ServoControl

Simultaneous control of feed and swivelling possible
Cable length 10 m
Incl. Abdominal belt

Part no.

Feed cable

Cable length 10 m
Very solid design

Part no.

Blade guard

Light-weight and very stable
/ 3-part with quick release fastener

Part no.
Blade guard diameter 800 mm – 1-WA-ZB0800

Blade guard diameter 1.000 mm – 1-WA-ZB1000
Blade guard diameter 1.200 mm – 1-WA-ZB1200
Blade guard diameter 1.500 mm – 1-WA-ZB1500
Blade guard diameter 2.000 mm – 1-WA-ZB2000

Blade guard, flush

Light-weight despite high stiffness
/ 1-part version

Part no.
Blade guard diameter 800 mm – 1-WA-ZB0800B

Blade guard diameter 1.000 mm – 1-WA-ZB1000B
Blade guard diameter 1.200 mm – 1-WA-ZB1200B
Blade guard diameter 1.500 mm – 1-WA-ZB1500B

Guide rail

Lightweight and rugged design

Part no.
Length 0,3 m – 1-WA-ZB030

Length 0,65 m – 1-WA-ZB065
Length 1,3 m – 1-WA-ZB130
Length 2,3 m – 1-WA-ZB230

Fish plate for guide rail

At least two pieces per rail fastener required
For the 2.3 m rail, the use of three is recommended
Scope of delivery 1 pcs.

Part no.

Fish plate for guide rail

For a quick installation
Produced from high-strength material

Part no.

Rail fastening bracket

Lateral adjustment
Alternatively possible for very uneven walls

Part no.

Bevel adjustment support

Continuous adjustment form 0° to 45°

Part no.

Guide rail stop

Scope of delivery 2 pcs
To be used on each end of the rail
Prevents running over the rail end

Part no.

Radio remote control ServoControl

Simultaneous control of feed and swivelling possible
Incl. abdominal belt and 2 batteries

Part no.

PowerGear for WM90

Increase of the torque by 60%
Suitable for saw blade diameters up to 2,000 mm

Part no.

Water distribution screw

To be used for flush cut

Part no.
Typ WM50 – 1-WM50ZB01
Typ WM90 – 1-WM90ZB01

Flush screw M8 x 16

Scope of delivery 1 pc
To be used for flush cut

Part no.

Upgrade kit WM50 / WM90
Part no. 6SEPC-ACC

Feed automatic WM50/WM90

Controls feed and lowering speed automatically
The upgrade kit is compatible with all sorts of remote controls
Including touch emergency operation for feed and lowering

EURODIMA ACC Feed automatic

Feed automatic

Service-Kits for WM50 / WM90

Machine typeComponentPart no.
WM50Main bearing set2WSBG0001WM50
WM50Guide roller set2WSBG0002WM50
WM90Main bearing set2WSBG0001WM90
WM90Guide roller set2WSBG0002WM90
WM50 / WM90Repair kit lowering drive2WSBGAB001
WM50 / WM90Repair kit feed drive2WSBGVS001
WM50 / WM90Drive motor service kit 250 hours6SESK1