The wall saw blade of the latest generation guarantee long tool life and optimum cutting results.

Laser-welded diamond segments for a safe bond of segment and master core
Short segments for improved removal of water and welding sludge
High cutting ability in reinforced concrete and hard aggregates such as Donau quartz
Very high-cutting speed on iron
Segments with set diamond structure
Recommended from 15 kW

Blade diameter mmToothingHole diameter + NL* mmNumber of
Segment width mmSegment hight mmPart no.
600C425,40 + NL644,0133ML89L0600-40
600C425,40 + NL645,0133ML89L0600-50
650C425,40 + NL684,0133ML89L0650-40
650C425,40 + NL685,0133ML89L0650-50
700C425,40 + NL724,0133ML89L0700-40
700C425,40 + NL724,7133ML89L0700-47
800C425,40 + NL804,0133ML89L0800-40
800C425,40 + NL804,7133ML89L0800-47
825C425,40 + NL824,7133ML89L0825-47
900C425,40 + NL904,4133ML89L0900-44
1000C425,40 + NL1004,4133ML89L1000-44
1200C425,40 + NL1204,4133ML89L1200-44

Intermediate and special sizes available on request


*NL = pin hole
The segment foot height can vary between 1 – 2 mm


Floor cutter (7.5 kW – 11 kW)

Floor cutter XL (11 kW – 25 kW)

Wall saw

with set diamonds